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on issues affecting college campuses

Civic Writing

Our Goals


We are WRT 301: Civic Writing. We have learned about different forms of education and advocacy throughout the semester. We have been inspired by the Pecket and The Fed communities to create a collaborative, democratic effort combining our writing and social issues on campus. 


The Fed

This website is inspired by two historical organizations: The Federation of Worker Writers & Community Publishers, and Pecket Well College. These two organizations are collaborations of working-class British citizens to promote literacy and share the written work of people who the British school system have labelled as “illiterate.” In creating this website, we draw on their examples and share our own experiences to try and enact civil change, and create spaces for voices that aren’t normally heard.

Who We Are


Caleigh is a junior majoring in both Writing & Rhetoric and Public Health from New Jersey. She also writes and edits for SU’s What the Health magazine. On the rare occasion that she has free time, she enjoys reading, doing crossword puzzles, exploring, and trying new things. She would love to work in publishing one day. Read my articles here



Elle Cattaneo has lived in all three apple states, and will soon be moving to an orange state. This has changed her perspective in many different ways, which has led to some interesting ways of thinking. In this project, she has turned these ways of thinking to the Liberal Arts Core. Her articles can be read here.


Senior English/Education Major

with a minor in Psychology

No idea what she's doing in life.

Pretends to parle français, but doesn't.

This faux fille française's articles on the

stigmas surrounding mental illness

can be found here


Senior Political Science/Music majors with a minor in Advocacy and Public Rhetoric. She is currently an intern at NYPIRG.​ She proud to be a part of this advocate writing project. She loves roller coasters, swimming, seeing live music, and dogs. Check out her articles here!


 In the National Anthem we sing that America is the land of the free and the home of the brave, yet so many of the choices we make in our day-to-day activities and routines are decided for us.​ My name is Bree and my reflections are all about curriculum's in United States school systems. Take a look! 


Matt Rhodin is a Junior, Writing & Rhetoric major at Syracuse University.  He has an interest in digital writing, with a main focus on blogging and video making.  In his spare time he is an avid skier and rock climber.

You can read his articles here.

Julia D.

Hi ya’ll! My name is Julia DiBenedetto. For this project I chose to write about the benefits of community-based learning and how more universities should work to implement these types of learning environments into their institutions. Please read on to learn more about historic examples of successful learning communities, my connection to this issue, and most importantly- why it matters! Read on here!


I’m Renata and my topic is about addictions. I discuss the serious aspect of addictions as well as the way addictions can form and spiral when cultivated by certain lifestyles such as the college one. 

Read my articles here


Lauren Salla is a Senior studying Public Relations and Writing. She feels that Pecket 

Well College is the first of many progressive educational outreaches in breaking 

down societal norms. In this work she writes about the discrepancies in educational  availability based on natural born societal classes. You can read her articles here


Erin is a senior Physics major and a Psychology minor from Detroit, Michigan.  His interests include traveling, spending time with loved ones and writing.  His biggest dream is to become a professor at a university and let them have class outside at least once. 

Erin's articles can be read here


Olivia's articles can be read here

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